About this dashboard

Johns Hopkins University maintains a database of world-wide confirmed COVID-19 cases (GitHub, Dashboard). This dashboard lets you explore the data further by visualising data regarding the total confirmed cases, confirmed deaths and confirmed recoveries. These numbers can be seen nominally as well as relative to the country's population. You can compare these data across countries and you can fit exponential growth models to individual countries to see how the disease has spread so far.

Authors: This dashboard was created by Nikolaj Theodor Thams, Martin Emil Jakobsen, Phillip Bredahl Mogensen, all PhD-students in Statistics at the University of Copenhagen. We would be happy to receive your feedback.

Source code: The source code for this app is freely available on GitHub.

COVID19 data: Johns Hopkins University (GitHub, Dashboard).

SSI data: Danish State Serum Institute (reports).

Update frequency: The Johns Hopkins github database is currently updated once daily, shortly after which we feed this dashboards with the updated data. The SSI reports are published daily between 12.00 and 13.00 Central European Time.

Validity of data: The situation on COVID-19 is developing rapidly, and we're vastly grateful for the work done by Johns Hopkins. While there may be misreportings in the data, they are often quickly solved.

Population data: https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/population-by-country/

Terms of use: Please be aware of the terms of use for the Johns Hopkins data. If you wish to use our dashboard, naturally you must obey to these. Further, we take no responsibilities for the correctness of displayed data, processing nor modelling.